07 Dec

What are the necessary documents for a junk car transaction?

Whenever you think about selling a junk car, the first thing that comes to mind is the availability of essential documents. You may have been keeping all the records in a cupboard and would have gotten dusty by now. Forget about the age of documents because even a single old paper can make transactions smooth. All the documents, including bills of sale, title, warranty papers, and others, are required to sell a car. We will discuss all of the previously mentioned papers in detail.

· Title of the vehicle

The title is an essential document to transfer ownership while selling a car. Without a title, you won’t be able to get rid of a junk car in some states of the USA. Search your drawers carefully and try to locate the ownership papers. If you have lost the title, contact your DVM; they always keep the respective documents.

· Car history report

This report tells us everything about the unwanted vehicle, including repair sessions and service history. You quickly get this history report for your car by visiting the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) website, and all you need is your VIN to extract all the information. Only junkyard shops ask for this particular document.

· Sales bill

This document is proof of your credibility and ownership. People often ask about these papers to see if they are purchasing a car from the right person. Give a receipt if you bought a new car; otherwise, show all the documents you got from the car’s previous owner.

· Documents of warranty

You can provide warranty papers for an appraisal if your car is under warranty. This way, you will get more money for an unwanted vehicle, and the buyer will be happy to get a free warranty. Attach all the warranty papers so that buyer doesn’t face any issues while claiming a warranty from the company in the future.

· VIN of the car

It is more like a security number for your vehicle. It is on a metallic plate near the driver’s windshield or the corner of the front driving door. Use this number to check out the warranty and other information about your car before a transaction.


Before starting a transaction, never forget to intact any of the documents mentioned above in your transaction file. Having all the mandatory papers will advocate your credibility, and it will also enhance the value of your vehicle. If you have lost any papers, ask an auto specialist for help. You will find multiple ways to restore your vehicle documents.