Efficient Junk Car Removal Contractor In Blue Island, IL

Do you have a junk car occupying too much space on your property? Are you thinking of dragging it off the property as soon as possible? We know it might be tempting to leave a scrap car because it is a constant eyesore. Universal Towing will haul away this clunker from your premises before you blink.

We know how to remove a junk car without creating a mess in Harvey, and that’s not it; you will get cash for that unwanted vehicle. Junk vehicles are a constant hazard and cause severe damage if not promptly addressed. Removing a junk car in Blue Island, IL will save you and this environment from pollution and other ecological dangers.

Why Junk My Car In Harvey?

In addition to scrap cars, we take away heavy junk vehicles, including wrecked SUVs, rotten vans, corroded trucks, and many more in Illinois State. Universal towing is equipped with high-end towing machinery and all the techniques required to remove any vehicle even if it is staying in the basement for decades. As responsible citizens, it is our primary duty to tell you the danger of having junk cars at home.


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    • Rotting cars emit toxic gasses that cause air pollution.
    • Fluid leakage from a scrap vehicle threatens flora and fauna in the locality. It can contaminate water as well.
    • Old bodies and dangerous chemicals can catch fire at any time.
    • Junk cars are hazards for other vehicles and the public if thrown by the road.
    • They can be an attractive habitat to invite snakes and other venomous animals on your property.

    Before things go wrong, you should contact us now for instant scrap removal services in Harvey, and we will offer you fast cash

    What Are The Benefits Of Junking My Car In Blue Island, IL?

    Do you own a vehicle that is just sitting around and have no idea what to do with it? If you are not concerned about the repairs because the damage is enormous and restoration will be too expensive, junk your vehicle immediately. Bear with us because we will tell you the benefits of junking your car. Let Universal Towing take away your scrap machine, and we will give you;

    • The most cash for a clunker that no longer runs

    Our Process

    We Make Car Selling Less Daunting
    And Stress-Free


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    Contact us any time using our website or given contact number to discuss the condition of your run-down vehicle.


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    After considering all the factors, our experts will make a lucrative offer. Negotiate and set up the pick-up time that suits you.


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    Get your top dollars right away. We will be more than happy to make it a high payday for you.

    •   Free yourself from the worries of handling troubled cars
    • Avoid further repairs and squirrel away that money to buy a new car
    • Free towing service
    • All-inclusive junk removal service, and we won’t charge a dime
    • Sell it for money and free up the space to make a play area for kids

    How Do We Remove A Clunker In Illinois?

    All you have to do is get in touch with Universal towing, and we will offer a free quote to junk your unwanted vehicle. The next step is to set up a meeting and get a fast rundown about the car, including all the specs, present condition, and value. After this on-site assessment, we will make the offer more than your expectations. Our tow trucks will remove your unwanted vehicle in Harvey without any hidden charges if you accept the deal. Towing is free.

    We ensure no harm is done to the environment during our process, and we will remove the valuable parts and junk the rest of the vehicle to protect natural resources. It is our way of serving society.

    Best Rates for Junk Car Removal In Blue Island, IL

    With decades of auto industry experience, we have the eyes to admire a scrap car in Illinois. Equipped with customer-friendly staff and an advanced approach, we can confidently quote the top dollars for a wrecked car. Moreover, Universal Towing provides a free collection facility 24/7. After getting a query, our experts will contact you to schedule a convenient time, whichever works for you. Hiring us is like choosing peace of mind; best of all, we will come to your place with fast cash.

    Junking your rotting and corroding car will give you more bucks and a sense of responsibility to serve society, and a chance to discover the new you while working with us. We can vacate a garage within 24 hours by making it easy and less annoying for owners. No One Pays More Than Universal Towing Cash For Cars.

    Where We Remove Junk Cars in Illinois?

    • · Harvey
    • · Blue Island